AutoCap MOD + APK v1.0.26 (Premium/Without Watermark)


AutoCap automatically transcribes audio and adds stunning animated captions to videos. This app is ideal for videos on social media, including TikTok and Facebook. This can be used to create YouTube videos but is not recommended for musical or high-resolution videos.

About AutoCap

AutoCap lets users select the text size and style for each font. The palette contains a variety of colors. You can choose one. Select a color which immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and is the most striking. You can also modify the text in any way that you like. You can save the video once you are done editing it. Your results seem to have been secretly saved as an MP4 file.

AutoCap MOD APK will distribute its products via popular social networking sites and applications, such as YouTube, Facebook and others. The application also supports translation in several other languages to allow it to meet the needs of users from different countries. These videos are particularly clear and don’t blur when they’re uploaded. This quality is praised and admired by many viewers. The exported videos maintain their quality because the format and resolution of the original videos are preserved.


It is an advanced and reliable application, but you need to learn a few more details each time. The system is more accurate when the voice is loud, clear and fluent. This occurs in quiet environments with little noise. When there is background music and noise, the voice recognition system will not work. You can copy the videos and the transcripts into the clipboard for later use.

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Advantages of AutoCap MOD APK

Listen and Type

AutoCap MOD APK will listen to your audio and convert it into text. You can add captions to your own videos. If you prefer, you can type the captions in manually. AutoCap uses voice recognition software to transcribing audio from videos.

Edit and Style

You can edit the captions after they have been added. You can edit the font size, color and position. You can also emphasize certain words or phrases. Select words can be highlighted by changing the color of their captions.

Watermark Fun

AutoCap MOD APK will add a watermark on your video, which you can remove with a subscription or a single-time purchase. It is a small, unobtrusive watermark that helps to stop people from stealing videos. By sharing the video via social media, you can remove the watermark.


You can Use Your Phone

AutoCap MOD Premium Unlocked can be used to add captions on videos. It’s great for adding captions on videos you want to post to social media. AutoCap can be used on any Android device that has recorded videos.

Text Customization

Captions can be made to stand out when editing and customizing text. You can turn plain text into attractive captions by using a range of styles, colors, and animations.

You can use this to make your information more captivating and engaging, which will ensure that your audience is drawn to your content.

Extended Transcription

AutoCap Por MOD APK is a simple solution to transcribing audio. It can transcribe up to 10 minute long recordings. This feature allows users to work with longer videos and ensures that all important information is captured.

AutoCap’s transcription features are a reliable and efficient way to convert audio files into text.


Easy Editing

AutoCap Premium MOD offers an intuitive interface which allows you to edit, style and save your captioned video. You can easily improve the quality of videos with its efficient and seamless process.

The AutoCap app has all the tools you need to make changes or add captions. AutoCap is a simple video editor that will make your life easier.

Download AutoCap MOD + APK

How Works AutoCap MOD APK

  1. Choose or record a video that has audio
  2. Edit and change results of automated voice recognition.
  3. Select the text style, color, and animation
  4. Share as MP4 Video!

This app is designed for social media videos and mostly talking head selfies. It can be used for other video types, but that’s not its intended use. The app won’t work well with high-resolution videos or musical videos that are intended to be screened on large screens.

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