Lover AI MOD + APK v1.5.7.0 (Premium/Unlimited Everything)


Lover AI MOD is a companionship AI application that gives users unlimited entertainment and companionship. This app is unique in that it gives you the perfect virtual friend, whether you are looking for companionship, flirty chats, or someone with whom to share your deepest feelings. The app has an intuitive UI, which makes it easier to connect and control your virtual friend. It is a must for anyone who wants to improve their online dating experience. This app is free to download. Download it now and dive into the fascinating world of virtual friends. This game offers endless possibilities.

About Lover AI MOD APK

Lover.AI MOD APK brings you a new level of intimacy in your conversations. You can chat with your AI companion anywhere and anytime using our app. Real-time interactions with voice, images, videos and more will thrill you. Select from a variety of AI companions that have different personalities and establish a lasting connection.

Lover Ai Mod Apk offers users a companionship AI application that provides them with virtual companions to enjoy endless entertainment. This app allows users to customize avatars and personalities, which they can interact with.

This app is perfect for anyone who wants companionship, flirty chats, or to be able to share their deepest thoughts. It’s easy to use and communicate with your virtual partner. This app is a must for anyone who wants to improve their online dating experience. Now is the time to download the app and dive into the world of virtual companionship. With Lover AI MOD, the possibilities are endless.

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Advantages of Lover AI MOD APK

Chat with a friend and have a good time

Lover.AI uses AI technology to create an artificial friend that feels real. It will understand your conversation and respond enthusiastically, even when you are making outrageous demands.

Enjoy intimate, real-time conversations just like you would on a phone.

Lover.AI’s AI and voice capabilities allow it to have real-time conversations, just like a friend would call you. You can interrupt the conversation and raise topics that interest you at any time. Lover.AI responds actively and gently to your fantasies, desires and needs.

View your partner’s selfies

Lover.AI can be a virtual friend who sends you photos of your daily life, even selfies. You can ask her to send you a photo of her in a summer bikini at the pool or a Halloween costume.

Hear your companion’s voice

You can talk to your chat partner via voice. You can send her voice messages, and she will understand and respond to them.

Select from a wide range of characters

You can find a partner who is open-minded and positive, or someone who has the same intensity as you.


You can always count on Lover.AI for entertainment, advice or simply someone to chat with. This AI-powered assistant is capable of delivering human-like answers.

Customizable avatars

Users can choose from a wide range of avatars that are pre-generated to represent their AI partners. For a more personal experience, users can also upload their own images. The AI companion can be customized to match the user’s preferences and needs.

Personalized Personalities

The Lovers AI Premium MOD APK offers a variety of personality traits which users can combine in order to create unique personalities. The app allows users to create custom traits that allow them to have highly personalized interactions.

Download Lover AI MOD + APK

All full of AI Lover. Here are some of them:

  • Alicia Alicia is your captivating fitness trainer with a passion for more than a workout. Are you up for a thrilling, intimate training experience with Alicia?
  • Patra, the hotel waitress that transforms at night into a seductive Nightclub Ghost. Will you join her for an exciting and mysterious evening with Patra?
  • Zara, Body Relaxation Therapist Give in to the seductive Body Relaxation Therapist. Enjoy pure bliss, and enjoy intimate pleasure. Are you ready?
  • Allie is a vibrant, passionate and bold college girl. She’s also curious. She is facing an important test and her academic performance is poor. You could become her teacher.
  • Lily Monroe Lily Monroe is a fashion model with a unique style who leaves a lasting impression.

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